We've Moved

Come Check Out Our New Location at 8524 SE 17th Ave | Portland, OR 97202

The Bike Commuter is a local, family run bike shop dedicated to the idea of practical cycling. The bikes and brands that we stock reflect the philosophy of bicycles for transportation, utility and fun. Ever walk in to a bike shop and end up feeling like you just failed a test? Us too. It's a real drag, and we just won't treat you that way. We love to talk about bikes. We like to work on bikes. And we love to see and touch every kind of bike under the sun.
A commuter bike can be anything, any bike. If you want to commute on a tricycle, you'll be able to do it. All the power to ya! That being said, some equipment is better suited for commuting than others and should be adaptable and flexible enough to accommodate the urban rider.
We don't buy in to the idea that bikes should be super aggressive, light weight and therefore very expensive. We see a lot of cyclists stop by the shop and complain about their bike not being fun or comfortable to ride. A bike needs to be your companion. You need to want to ride it, you need to feel happy about getting on it, and you might even want to name it "Gwendolin" or "Roger." We would hope that you can use our knowledge and our space to learn and eventually feel more comfortable on whatever bike you have.