Bike Commuter & Cycle Lounge Portland OR

Feature Items

  • Breezer Downtown EX - 2015

    The more you ride Breezer's Downtown EX, the more fun commuting by bike will be! All ready for city riding and country cruising, the Downtown sports a steel frame with a… [more]

  • Breezer Greenway Expert - 2015

    Ride into a better tomorrow on Breezer's Greenway Expert. The light, nimble aluminum frame is perfect for everything from casual excursions to fitness riding to… [more]

  • Norco Shinobi - 2012

    2012 Norco Shinobi 29er Full Suspension Used Gently....Suspension inspected and good size large 4" travel on rr 140mm on front Dropper seat post upgraded handlebars and… [more]

  • Cannondale T800 touring

    Cannondale T800 Touring bike New Dia-Compe shifters, cables/housings/brake pads Mavic touring Wheelset 3 bottle cage mounting points Hard to find touring bike for… [more]

  • SE Bikes Tripel

    SE Bikes Tripel 3 speed internal hub coaster brake 52 cm [more]

  • Breezer Uptown Infinity Step Through

    2012 Breezer Uptown Infinity 21" LG This bike is a commuter dream bike! The Nuvinci Infinitely variable hub is truly a thing to behold. No set number of gears within… [more]


Holiday Blow Out Sale!!

Come celebrate the our BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!  It's gonna be a party here at the Bike Commuter! 

2 days only.....Saturday and Sunday Dec. 5th and 6th.  Everything on sale! 

Bike Commuter Holiday Sale 2015


We're Your Wet-Weather Cycling Headquarters

Wet weather is no match for our cycling clothing and accessories!Let others stare longingly at the weather report while you conquer the elements. We have a full quiver of rain gear and apparel so you can charge through puddles, stay dry and arrive safe and comfortable. Swing by and let's get you ready to ride your bike in the rain!


Come in for some awesome specials for your winter commute!

Specials end before Santa drops down the chimney with your new bike, so HURRY and take advantage while you can!

We serve the Urban Utility, Practical, and Fun side of biking.  Since 2009, we have been providing the type of Bikes and Accessories that work with your everyday commute to work, faster weekend rides, or Family adventures. Only a block off the Springwater Corridor, our Sellwood store and Cycle Lounge has plenty of parking for your group rides, and Bike Rentals.  The Cycle Lounge, with 10 Portland Only taps of the best beer in the world, is a great place to enjoy a pint, kick-back on the sofa, or meet up with friends. 



Jamis Is Your Ticket To Adventure!

Jamis mountain bikes are your perfect adventure companion!

Jamis builds all of their mountain bikes tough, light and with plenty of suspension so that they can take you anywhere your heart desires. Swing a leg over a Jamis today and get started on your path to adventure!

Today's Tip

Corner With Care – It’s a good idea to use care entering corners, especially unfamiliar ones. Cars tend to push gravel to the edge of the road, right where you’re riding, so slow down before the corner and watch for debris. If you bring too much speed into a turn, don’t slam on the brakes because you might skid a tire and lose control. Instead, gradually apply the brakes. To gain control, turn your head and look to the inside of the corner, which will help you remain on your side of the road. You tend to head towards where you look so if you can turn and see the inside of the corner, you’ll find that you won’t ride out of it.