Bike Rentals

2012 Breezer "Downtown 8" RENTAL

We rent these sweet beauties!





We rent several different kinds of bikes. 

Our “City Bikes” are the most popular, and have an internally geared 8 speed drive-train, an upright riding position, and are the most comfortable around town.  $10 HR/$35 DAY/$125 WEEK


“Beach Cruiser” type bikes are single speed, very upright, and comfortable, but slow and heavy.  These are good for an easy ride down the Springwater Trail, or for those needing a bike that is easy to mount and dismount.  $10 HR/$35 DAY/$100 WEEK

The newest addition to our rental fleet are the Drop-Bar, super fast and aggressive Cyclocross racing bikes.  These are good for someone looking to race on the weekend, or someone who just wants to go light and fast.  $15 HR/$50 DAY/$200 WEEK


All rentals include a helmet and lock.