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Xtracycle Goodness has arrived!

Posted on October 15th, 2013
Deliciousness in Blue

Deliciousness in Blue

Here is what some folks are saying about this new cargo masterpiece.

With its durable, stiff, and predictable-handling welded steel frame and 350-lb total capacity, the EdgeRunner is the brute of the bunch. Even fully loaded, the EdgeRunner is surprisingly manageable, thanks to a minuscule 20-inch rear wheel that lowers the center of gravity and extends the wheelbase for extra stability without making the bike longer from end to end.

The EdgeRunner’s biggest advantage, however, is its modular “LT” cargo platform, which has a diverse catalog of bits that includes parcel shelves, baby seats, custom bags, and even a clever SideCar add-on to support another 250 pounds of gear on its generous 22- by 27-inch deck. Configure it all just right and you can safely haul three toddlers to school on your way to Whole Foods with a side trip to Home Depot for a new washing machine.

The build kit is impressively solid, too, especially coming from such a small company with a slick-shifting 3 by 9 drivetrain, front and rear Avid disc brakes, and superb Schwalbe tires. [$2,000;]


The last of the 2012 bikes… great deal on price

Posted on May 25th, 2013

We just have a few 2012 bikes left, which are all on sale. We have to make room all of the 2013 models at the shop! Click here for images and specifics on these models

1. Civia Kingfield, 56cm $1140.00

2. Civia Bryant, 54cm $1480.00

3. Fuji Touring, 56cm $840.00

4. Redline Metro Classic, 60cm $945.00

5. Fuji Absollute 3.0, 21″ (M/L) $415.00

6. Breezer Downtown EX, Large (21″) & Small (18″) $415.00

7. Redline Conquest 24″ (youth), $594.15

8. Torker Boardwalk Cruiser, Small, $210.00

Sexy 2013 Redline Conquest Discs on SALE

Posted on May 25th, 2013

These beautiful bikes are on sale. Why? Because they are awesome and we only have 3 left in stock: 52, 54 and 56cm

Strider Bikes

Posted on December 21st, 2012

Strider Bikes!!

Strider Bike

Strider Bike

These little bikes have taken the world by storm over the past couple of years, and allow your youngsters to scoot around the streets or sidewalks of your neighborhood with simple ease.  Kids absolutely love these things!!

We have these guys on sale in all colors until we sell out.


Do it.

You know I am a Bike-Nerd when…..

Posted on December 17th, 2012

I am always eager to find the latest and greatest shop equipment, so when Park Tool announced that they would be building a shop quality inflator, my heart was filled with joy.  For years we have been using a different inflator in the shop, and to be frank, it just doesn’t cut the mustard.  Whatever that means.  Anyway, this new inflator will make our lives better in so many ways.  I will now be nicer in the mornings, the world will be a friendlier place, and this thing will last FOREVER!!!  Right?  I hope so, cuz we have gone through 5 or more of the other kind, and i’m over it.

Thanks Park Tool

Park INF-1


2013 Bikes starting to arrive.

Posted on December 11th, 2012

Every year at the Interbike trade show in Vegas, I look for the bikes and gear that we will stock to the upcoming year.  As much as I loathe Vegas, this is a good time for me to see what is in store for the next year.  As you know, I choose only the best Commuter specific models from a vast array of companies, and I prefer this approach instead of the “Branded” approach that some stores take.

This year there was much to be excited about at Interbike, and some of the bikes that I chose back in September have started to arrive.

As usual, Breezer has outd0ne themselves this year with their Commuter and Urban line of Bicycles for 2013.  More than any brand that I can think of, Breezer does a fantastic job of creating bikes specific to the task of Commuting, or transportation cycling.

We now have some of the new 2013 Breezers in stock, like this one.  Meet the 2013 Breezer “Greenway Elite”.







Pretty sweet right?

Or this one…..







The 2013 Breezer “Downtown EX” Step Through.  This one is rediculously priced at a mere $449.00 !!!

Not to be underestimated, is the new line-up from Norco Bicycles.  These guys really stepped up their transportation bike game this year with the re-release of the Indie series of Hybrid bikes, and the City Glide series of urban lifestyle bikes.  Both of these models received significant upgrades from last year, even though the price remains the same.  And darn beautiful too.

Like this one….

The “City Glide 8″








And this one….








The Norco “Indie 2″.  Hydraulic Discs are sooooo nice in Portland.

Keep checking back often to see more 2013 new arrivals.





Piles and Piles of used bikes…..

Posted on November 21st, 2012

We just uploaded the current inventory of used bikes.  There are some gems to choose from y’all.

Don’t forget that we also do custom builds for your riding pleasure.


Piles and Piles of used bikes

FREE BIKE! With Xtracycle kit purchase.

Posted on November 16th, 2012

We are offering a complete Cargo bike solution for carrying your gear, kids, box of baseballs, or whatever, for 5 bills.

We take the Xtracycle Freeradical Classic Kit, and add to it one of our used bikes that have been collecting dust in the basement.

The base kit cost is $499, and we will give you the bike FOR FREE, or for the cost of parts if you want nicer parts.


I’m serious about this.  Free bike.  Tell your friends.

Free Bike YO!

Free Bike YO!

Xtracycle SIDECARS!!

Posted on November 16th, 2012
Xtracycle Sidecar

Xtracycle Sidecar….I giggle when I see these. What a great idea!! In stock NOW!!

When I first saw these at Interbike this year, I was giddy with delight.  Well, maybe I was a little hung over too, but anyway…..   I immediately folded the thing down, stood on the platform like a chubby surfer king, and giggled like southfayettenursing casino South Africa’s most popular online casino, little girl.  You get the picture.  Super fun, foldable, affordable, and just plain awesome.  Thanks Xtracycle, for continuing to innovate, and keep us all young at heart.  Our first shipment of these sidecars is on the way, and will be in stock by Thanksgiving.  I am thankful.

Blaq Designs Porteur bag

Posted on June 25th, 2012

Blaq Designs Custom Porteur Bag

We have been looking all over heck and back to find a decent Porteur bag that will fit our favorite Velo Orange Porteur racks.  No dice.  There were some options from makers in SF, and in Europe, but nothing local.  Meet the custom Blaq Designs Porteur Bag.  Fully waterproof, shoulder strap, roll-top closure, totally bomber.  This will make a great companion for those needing to carry loads on a front rack, but without needing to lash your load down with string or shoelaces.  How tacky.