Our Service Department

We have the most affordable service rates in town.  Really.

All of our mechanics are professionally trained and certified through the United Bicycle Institute.

Minimum shop rate is $5.

Tune Up $80

Our Tune-Up is the best value for bicycle service in all of Portland.  Seriously. 

The most impressive component of our Tune-Up, is that unlike other shops we do not charge extra labor fees when replacement parts are necessary.  This equates to huge savings during the typical bike service.  For example; a typical shop may charge for services on an Ala-Carte basis, meaning that for every part installed, or service performed, you are getting charged.  Period.  With us, you pay one flat fee for labor to install all of those shiny new parts, and we do the full Tune-Up as described below.  All for $80!  

Our Tune-Up is the most comprehensive and affordable Tune-Up in town.  Without trying to be a jerk about it, I can say that other shops in town charge as much as $125 for the same service!

We begin by removing the wheels, to True them, and Adjust the hub bearings.  We then Clean the wheels before re-installing them.  We then Degrease and Clean the entire drive-train, and the frame itself.  We will Adjust the Front and Rear Derailleurs, and re-set the limit screws for precise shifting.  We will adjust both brakes, and Toe in the pads when necessary to avoid brake noise.  We will Adjust the Headset bearingAdjust the Bottom Bracket bearing if possible.  We will inspect the entire bike for functionality and safety, and tighten all critical fasteners.  With approval from the customer, we will install any necessary parts at no additional labor charge!

Overhaul $175

This service is perfect for as a yearly maintenance on a daily commuter bike, or for a bike that may have been sitting unused for a long time.

A complete overhaul includes the disassembly of the entire bike from top to bottom, the replacement of all loose ball bearings in the hubs, headset, and bottom bracket, and the servicing and adjustment of all sealed bearing assemblies. All parts are inspected, cleaned, torqued to manufacturers specifications, and returned to service if possible. Wheels are trued, and spoke tension measured to ensure a safe set of wheels. Any frame damage will be inspected, and corrected when possible (with owners permission).

Any additional parts or upgrades can be installed at no additional charge during an overhaul, but of course the parts cost extra.

Service Rates

  • Flat Repair Labor $8
  • Degrease and Lube Chain $20
  • Cable Replacement $15
  • Tire Swap (per wheel) $8
  • Brake Adjustment $10
  • Derailleur Adjust $10
  • Chain Install $10
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul $25
  • Bearing Adjust $10-$20
  • Bottom Bracket Replace $15
  • Fender Installation $20
  • Custom Wheel Build $50
  • Wheel True $10-$20
  • Rack Installation $20
  • Pedal Installation $5
  • Install or Remove Gears $5
  • Box Bike for Shipping $60


  • Child Seat $20
  • Bottle Cage $3
  • Brake (disk) $30
  • Brake (caliper) $30
  • Computer $15
  • Derailleur $15
  • Fenders $15
  • Fork $40
  • Freewheel or Cassette $10
  • Handlebar $25
  • Handlebar Tape $15
  • Kickstand $5
  • Pedals $5
  • Rack $15
  • Shifters $30
  • Stem $15
  • Toe Clips $8
  • Training Wheels $10
  • Star Nut $5
  • Crown Race $10

Frame Alignment and Tapping

  • Fork Align $10
  • Frame Dropout Align $10
  • Dearailleur Hanger Align $12
  • Frame Align Check $10
  • Frame/Fork Align $40
  • Braze-On Tapping $20
  • Derailleur Hanger Tapping $20
  • Pedal Thread Tapping $25
  • Bottom Bracket Chase/Face $45
  • Head-Tube Ream/Face $35
  • Disk Brake Mount Face $35
  • Crown Race Cutting $35
  • Fork Threading $30
  • Fork Cutting $25

Bike Building

  • Basic Assembly (from shipping) $60
  • Basic Disassembly (for shipping) $60
  • Custom Assembly (frame up) $150